A thought about wearables in 2025

A thought about wearables in 2025

The technology gadget space has been increasing dominated by wearables. Newer faster better gadgets and apps are hitting the marketplace at an increasing rate. Particularly through rapidly growing crowdfunding platforms (I.e. Kickstarter).

These wearables appear to fall into 1 or 2 of 3 main categories:

  • capture surrounding data for external processing then analysis (I.e. GoPro) – entertainment mostly.
  • capture data from the human body for outside processing then analysis (I.e. Fitbit) – sort of sensory addition.
  • capture data from the outside world for direct processing and analysis by the human mind, often in innovative new ways. (I.e. Oculus Rift). – technology as human sensory substitution for the minority and sensory addition for the majority.

A decade from now, ~2025, wearables that capture data from the human body will condensed so much that they may become ingestibles. Morning coffee with vitamins of choice and a diagnostic tablet. The diagnostic tablet does a complete body diagnostic and data upload before time for the morning constitutional.

Oculus Rift today, hyper-capable multispectral multipurpose connected glasses in a decade.

David Eagleman gave an amazing talk at Ted2015 in Vancouver on sensory substitution and addition through wearables. Eagleman et al are developing a completely new type of wearable that taps into largely unused human sensory capabilities with a Sensory Vest. A highly recommended watch on the TED website.


If a deaf person can start to learn to hear in 4 days and can learn a new way to hear everything in ~3 months by simply wearing a vest, could a person with hearing be able to learn a new language in ~3 weeks or less? Read and write at the same time?

Education well and truly disrupted. Online and long distance learning re-defined. Learn directly from the internet?

A decade from now, ~2025, learning something new may take not much longer than making the decision and putting on a vest. Kickstarter Alert!

Anyhow, just a thought from a seasoned old roughneck.

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