An observation on gasoline prices

An observation on Calgary, Alberta, Canada gasoline prices

Gasoline prices at the pump in Calgary are rising much faster than the price of crude oil as well as the average national Canadian or US gasoline prices. The chart below illustrates price increases over the past 5 months from 12-Jan-02015 through 12-Jun-02015, summarized as follows:

  • Crude oil prices up +- 21%
  • US gasoline prices up +- 23%
  • Canadian gasoline prices up +- 28%
  • Calgary gasoline prices up +- 50%

The Canadian refining sector picture as per the chart below does not explain the discrepancy between Canadian and Calgary fuel price increases, indeed it is difficult to pinpoint any market metric(s) in support of this obvious discrepancy.

Not only have Calgary gasoline prices risen at almost twice the Canadian national average, the price rose +- 25% in the two weeks leading up to the recent Calgary Global Petroleum Show 07-09.06.02015.

One has to ask:

  • A confidence booster for a declining and beleaguered industry in desparate need of some good news, however superfulous or manufactured? Possibly.

The 2015 Calgary Global Petroleum Show theme (arguably the most transformative/disruptive) in many years:

Reimagine, Reinvent and Reposition

One has to ask:

  • Non-market driven increases in localized gasoline pump prices support reimagination, reinvention and repositioning?
  • Why are the current and inevitable near term disruptions to the energy industry being hidden under a self-indulgent feel good story at the expense of the travelling public?
  • Are we the people that gullible?


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