Exponential Growth doesn’t stay Exponential Forever. Ride it While it Lasts.

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I was recently forwarded a presentation on the power of exponential growth and business disruption.  Every other slide told the story of how exponential growth was the new normal and how it needed to be harnessed.  The problem is that eventually exponential growth collapses or has no additional value or becomes focused on a niche instead of the mainstream.  Exponential isn’t forever.

But exponential can last a century as well – it’s just that you may not realize the trend for the first 50 years of the cycle.  Harness it while you can but don’t expect to ride it forever.  The same business rules as always still apply.

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iCubeSat 2015 presentations online


Most slides and other supporting materials from iCubeSat 2015 are now online here – the rest will be posted as soon as we receive the final clearances from presenters or their institutions. Thank you to everyone who participated in another exciting and stimulating workshop and for the amazing response to the call for deep space payloads for the launch next year – it’s great to see the community working together in this way. We hope you’ll join us again next year in Oxford in the United Kingdom on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th May 2016 on or near the University of Oxford campus – see you then!

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