The question of everything

The question of everything

A contemplation on the need to write new rules to be able to change the world for the better led to a contemplation on writing new math and whether there really is a difference between writing new rules and new math.

Writing new math to solve astrophysics conundrums is commonplace to the likes of Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Dr. Neil Tyson, Dr. Radek Zalenka and Dr. Rodney Mackay.

New math then:

1     big hairy assed grand challenge for humanity

+ 1     exponential technology toolbox

+ 1     percent of GDP

= 3     = phase 1: empowered crowd in 2025 ready for phase 2 to 2050 and beyond

+ 1      percent of GDP

= 4     = phase 2: done deal, pretty much everything is happening

…4                   2


.:.        42 = everything

Col Shepherd and The Stargate Atlantis team were right all along:

 The answer to the question of everything really is 42.


So anyway, a bit of new roughneck math